Lets reboot life

It is almost been couple of months where I have been sitting quietly with nothing to do and no place to go other than the household chores. Isn’t life after marriage for a women changing. While I sit everytime on my laptop thinking of writing something down connected to my heart I hear lot of wishpers and sounds and sights of life.

There have been significant changes past 3years. We are born with same special power that every person wants to achieve their aim in life. Why do we want to the female sexes to sacrifice everything, why can’t the male do the same?

Let’s reboot life while life has certain challenges and become a anther better example. Whilst doing so don’t lose yourself, sacrificing your needs and dreams for anyone else, including kids. Focus what you need to thrive, feel healthy and shine. And most importantly stop explaining yourself everyday on what you need to do and what you need to achieve.